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Thomas Kalapura

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Condolences Misings
« on: November 16, 2009, 08:39:47 am »
Dearest Rev. Fr. Rector Major,
First of all let me offer you the condolences from me, from the Mising tribal young people who met you in Dimapur, and from all my staff. We heard about the demise of your brother. We were sorry to know that when you were busy wth the affairs of your congregation, your brother was suffering, and you could not be present at his side. God has His ways. We have been praying for you. May the good Lord give eternal rest to your brother, and consolation to the family.
I am attaching a picture of my Mising tribal youth who met you in Dimapur. They were so happy to have been there. I am sure, you were happy too to see such smiling, simple faces. Because of your blessings, and your financial support, we have been able to 'journey with the young' and carry them like children in a family. They feel themselves immensely privileged. Thank you Fr. Rector Major. You have been our best Father. We will always think of you - especially when we step into our beautiful building.  I do hope you liked the file with the picture we gave you in Dimapur.
We have just set up a small chapel in our bamboo house. Our young people, who are not all Catholics, go there two by two, and spend one hour each, praying, thanking, saying the rosary and interceding. We have seven such hours of prayer. Please bless us, and these young people.
With every good wish, our fervent prayers, and our condolences,
Thomas Kalapurackal (K.A), sdb, Dimapur Province