Author Topic: The man with a thousand names  (Read 14183 times)

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The man with a thousand names
« on: October 10, 2010, 11:03:07 pm »
Rome: 8 October 2010. (austraLasia #2729)
      What's in a name? That which we call a rose
      By any other name would smell as sweet;
      So Václav would, were he not Václav call'd,
      Retain that dear perfection which he owes
      Without that title.
                (Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, with minor apologies)
    Does anyone not believe we need a well-established term base of Salesian discourse? I for one am absolutely convinced we do, and could offer you a dozen quick examples which would demonstrate clearly why - but it's more fun to stay with just one for the moment!
     If a man whose very role demands that he roam the world more often than most, a General Councillor to boot, has difficulty establishing who he really is, then we need a term base!*
    The following have been picked up from real Salesian documents, including those that occasionally appear on community noticeboards around the globe. In other words, they are for real! Up to you to decide which rose smells as sweet ...

        Kelemenete (the Kerria Japonica, or 'Japanese Rose'. Had it been accompanied by 'Vakalava', we'd have been in Fiji! Too hot for roses there!)
        Klement Vaclav (Rosa floribunda -  the 'easy going rose'; found almost anywhere)
        Klement Vaclaz (zis iz anozer floribunda - zie Zonta Roze!)
        Vaklak Klement (the Król Karol kupił królowej Karolinie korale koloru koralowego or Polish tongue twister Rose)
        Vaclak Clement (the Rosa reza por la raza rusa pero para porque para pura risa por la rusa raza reza Rosa or Spanish tongue twister Rose)
        Clement Vaclac (Aquiegia vulgaris or 'Clementine Rose')
        Vaclak Clemente (Roman rose, maybe?)
        Vàclav Klement (Ouch! Thorny variety)
        Klement Václav (the almost Czech variety; just needs a 'Rose Revolution')
        Vaclav Klement (... nearly there)
        Václav Klement (Bingo! 2010 'Rose of the year' also known, interestingly enough in English as the 'Absolutely Fabulous' Rose.)

The really odd thing is, that we have a termbase (term base, database of terms) on the way, but none of the above yet appear! Check it out, just the same, and feel free to offer constructive comments.

* You know the story, don't you, of the guy way back in the line at the airport check-in who marched up to front and loudly demanded to be served first. When the **** said that would hardly be possible since there was such a long line and everyone would need to wait their turn, he shouted at her: "And do you know who I am???" The **** didn't miss a beat. She went to the microphone and announced to everyone standing in the queue: "There's a man here who doesn't know who he is. Could someone please help him!" 

No real danger of that being our absolutely fabulous Fr Václav Klement, of course who, incidentally, celebrated his birthday on the Feast of the Rosary! Since we have given him such attention here the least we can do is wish him happy birthday!